Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Download the Ebook The Secret Guide to Digital Scrapbooking

Expert digital scrapbooking team has spent hundreds of hours over the course of several months visiting and sifting through thousands of digital scrapbooking sites with one goal in mind; to bring you the best digital scrapbooking resource in the world. It would take even the most experienced scrapbooker hundreds of hours to research and discover all of these incredible resources on her own, but you can have this information in just a matter of seconds. So unless you’ve got hundreds of hours of free time to dig tediously through thousands of internet sites, this instant downloadable resource is perfect for you.

Not only do you get links to and reviews of the best instructional sites, forums and galleries on the web but we’ve also discovered the best freebie sites in the world. We’ve estimated that the links inside this book will get you instant access to well over $1,000 in free digital scrapbooking supplies.

For one low price you get instant access to all of them. Now THAT’S a bargain!

The Secret Guide to Digital Scrapbooking contains over 50 pages full of links to the hottest and best digital sites on the internet. So stop searching and get scrapping! We’ve done all the research for you!

This Book Includes:
• Digital freebie sites: Save thousands of dollars with tons of links to the BEST FREE digital freebies.
• Digital Stores: Links to the best digital stores on the internet based on security, quality, and quantity.
• Templates: We’ve found some of the best template sites to help you keep fresh ideas for layouts.
• Forums: We’ve registered and participated in dozens of forums, and we’ve selected our favorites.
• Galleries: With hundreds of thousands of layouts floating around the internet, we’ve found some of the best digital galleries on the net.
• Software: We’ve found and rated the best scrapbooking software programs in the world.
• Tutorials: There are tons of tutorials to help make digital scrapbooking easier, and we’re gone out and found the best.
• Quick Pages: If you’re in a rush and need to do digital scrapbooking on the fly, the quick pages we’ve found are your answer.
• Brushes: Photoshop brushes can be a powerful tool if used correctly with digital scrapbookers. With thousands of brush sites on the internet, we’ve found the best for digital scrapbookers. And the best part, most of the sites we’ve listed have FREE brushes!
• Fonts: A Good font can make or break your layout. We’ve found the best sites for fonts, and a lot of them are free!
• Actions: Photoshop actions can shorten the time you spend on a layout by doing the work for you. We explain this powerful tool and link to the best action sites.

A Scrapbooker's Guide: Organizing your Tools and Workspace (E-Book)

With The Secret Guide to Digital Scrapbooking, you'll learn everything from choosing the best software to digitally scrap, to getting it uploaded to the hottest digital galleries! This is the only guide out there created specifically for you as a digital scrapbooker. Download This Ebook Now....

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