Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scrapbooker's Guide Organizing your Tools and Workspace

Where are you going to put all of your scrapbook materials? How are you going to keep the little ones from your photos, tools, papers, stickers, markers and more? You can store then in totes, organizers, and containers.

Download it now and use it forever!!!
Scrapbooker’s Guide 2 – Organizing Your Tools and Workspace BY: JILL DAVIS (Founder of
Announcing the next e-book in the unprecedented series of scrapbooking guidebooks from founder Jill Davis. Volume #2 in this groundbreaking series is only available at
A Scrapbooker's Guide 2 - Organizing Your Tools and Workspace contains over 100 pages of ideas and insight to help you organize your scrapspace, and your life! You’ll receive help and motivation from Jill as she shares her organizational secrets and tells how she achieved the room of her dreams. You’ll also view never-before shared photos of Jill’s personal studio so you can see how to organize like a pro.
You'll learn:
How to turn space, no matter the size limitations, into a organizational haven
How to make your scrapspace a place that works for and is a reflection of you
How to clear up clutter once and for all
How to find time to scrapbook
How store and organize cardstock and paper, embellishments, stickers, albums, tools, pens, etc.
Ideas and systems for organizing and storing stamps, cardstock, photos, punches and more
How to keep your creativity on track by designing your space to enhance productivity, work-flow and serenity
How to set up pages-in-progress so you can scrapbook anytime, anywhere
Tips and tricks for packing for crops
Ways to creatively adapt between being a home-based and a mobile scrapper, including how to optimally pack a tote
Tips on where to find the items you see mentioned in the book.
Which storage products work and why; you'll even receive a detailed listing of which storage products will work with specific categories of products
So much more…!
100+ Pages
1 Printable Front Cover for a 1" binder
1 Printable spine cover for a 1" binder
1000’s of ideas and tips
As always, this instant Electronic Book (E-Book) carries our 60 day 100% RISK FREE money-back guarantee. We're so confident that you'll be satisfied with this resource that we guarantee it. If you don't like it or are unhappy for any reason, tell us within 60 days that you've deleted it from your computer and haven't printed any copies (or have destroyed the copy you made), and we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Keep the inspiration you've received as a gift of appreciation for trying the book. It's 100% RISK FREE!Please Note: The file size of this book is large, so slower dial-up connections may challenging when downloading the file. If you do have this problem, contact our customer service department at (1-800-Scrapbook) and we'll help you.
If you don't have a computer in your scrapbooking room (so you can use the guide from it), you can print out A Scrapbooker's Guide 2 – Organizing Your Tools and Workspace and put it in a notebook to make it portable!
Own a copy of A Scrapbooker's Guide 2 – Organizing Your Tools and Workspace today, immediately, instantaneously!
Step 1: Order "A Scrapbooker's Guide 2 - Organizing Your Tools and Workspace" from
Step 2: Click on the Download Now button after checkout and your E-Book is INSTANTLY delivered to your computer.
Step 3: Save "A Scrapbooker's Guide 2 - Organizing Your Tools and Workspace" to your hard drive and/or print it out.
Step 4: Let the creativity and inspiration flow!

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