Saturday, April 22, 2017

Father's Day Scrapbook Ideas and Themes

My Minds Eye - Hey Mister Collection - 12 x 12 Paper and Accessories Kit
My Minds Eye - Hey Mister Collection - 12 x 12 Paper and Accessories Kit

 This Father's Day...
Why not give your Dad, or the Father of your children a handmade, straight from the heart gift... to show him how much you truly appreciate him!?!!?
I had a FUN time searching through the Superstore to find ideas/products that would be great for Father's Day!
P.S. Remember that the E-Cuts are great for letting your children help! You download them once, and print them it's okay if their little hands mess up... just print again and start over!

- I hope my finds will inspire you -
  • Make a Book About Your Favorite Trip - You can enhance your scrapbook with photos from magazines, clip art, etc.
  • Is dad a fisherman, golfer, outdoor cook? - Grab some ideas from books, drawings, write some ideas from an adventure with dad. Add fishing lures, golf balls, or if he's a cook gather some recipes and grilling tips.
  • Capture photos of dad from the beginning of the day, pictures of breakfast, outings with the kids, dad at work, and embellish the scrapbook with dad's favorite things.
  • Include hand prints and footprints in your scrapbook for dad.
  • Write something special for your father in his scrapbook.
  • Add generations of photos to your father's day scrapbook including his dad, grandfather, etc.
  • Clip newspaper articles of events that are interesting to him. Museums, festivals, concerts, postcards of interesting past times that dad enjoys.
  • Add ideas from his favorite hobby. Collecting stamps, Muscle car enthusiast, handyman, Wood crafts, or just relaxing and reading!
  • Add photos of the family trips to the zoo, favorite pet photos and let your imagination run wild with your creative ideas for dad!
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