Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ribbon Organizer by Simply Renee

# The Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer from Simple Renee is a simple, convenient and efficient way to store all of your ribbon. The ribbon organizer includes: 36” Clip It Up Ribbon Tray
# Two metal rods
# Two one foot measuring stickers
# 40 chromed metal swivel clips
# Wall mounting hardware
# Instruction sheet
Ribbon shelf is hung on the wall so it’s off your workspace yet easily accessible.
No dowel needed, you just pop your ribbon rolls in and out & there’s even a sliding spool holder so they don’t fall over.
It looks very durable and with two scissor slots, one on each end. It’s a pretty good use of what would be wasted space.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xyron Design Runner Personal Papercrafting Printer

Xyron develops, manufactures and sells innovative products for the craft, education and creative professional markets. Since 1997, Xyron has lead the industry in developing technologies that simplify processes, such as lamination and making stickers, signs, and magnets.

Our products streamline the creative process, making it simple and fun. Xyron’s strategy is to develop products that assist end users every step of the way, from inspiration to presentation. With Xyron, expressing your creativity has never been easier.

Baby Feet Personalized Cross Stitch Birth Record

Leisure Arts Sweet Baby Memories Cross Stitch Book
BABY FEET. This personalized birth record makes a poignant remembrance or new-baby gift. Finish as a picture (shown) or pillow top. Counted cross stitch kit includes 18-count ecru Aida cloth, presorted cotton floss, needle, chart and directions. 7 1/2 x 6 1/2 without mat and frame.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Knifty Knitter Long Loom Set Make Hats, Scarves, Blankets and More

Knifty Knitter Long Loom Set
Provo Knifty Knitter Loom will give you a new experience in knitting. Making hats, scarves, totes, stockings, baby blankets, shawls, afghans, golf club covers and more, has never been more fun and easy to do. Just use any variety of textures and colors and you will be able to make wonderful gifts for family and friends. It's so much fun everyone from 9 to 99 will enjoy using the Knifty Knitter?. Includes a hook, plastick needle and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. I would suggest getting Loom Knitting Primer: A Beginner's Guide to Knitting on a Loom, with over 30 Fun Projects

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wall Murals and Decorating Stencils Make Beautiful Home Decor

Peaceful Valley Mural

Decorate a whole wall with a mural like the one shown (instructions are included with each stencil) and add just a touch of calmness and relaxation to your life. The mural, as shown measures approximately 6 feet by 8 feet.Features of Peaceful Valley Stencils:Laser Cut on reusable, see-through 7 mil Stencil Matte™Triangle register marks for easy overlay and repeat position alignmentColor separated stencil sheetsSimple instructions for the stencil and the mural are included in each package.Click here to view all the individual stencils in the kit.
MURAL - Garden Gate by the Shore - 50% OFF

Now on sale at 50% off!Garden Gate by the Shore- by Leslie Ann Powers,Garden Gate by the Shore Mural Now everyday can be spent relaxing in your private garden by the shore. Make the Paddle into a welcome sign over your door or stencil a new family pet. This mural was scaled and designed to coordinate with all other mural stencils offered by Stencil Ease. As shown the mural measures 9 ft. x 6 ft. (2.74 m x 1.82 m). Complete instructions are included. Mural contains 10 different stencils.Features of Garden Gate by the Shore Mural:Laser Cut on reusable, see-through 7 mil Stencil Matte™Triangle register marks for easy overlay and repeat position alignmentColor separated stencil sheetsView the individual stencils included in the Garden Gate by the Shore Mural>
Under the Sea Mural

Under the Sea Mural by Jeannie Serpa was designed to bring ocean life into your home. Decorate a whole wall with a mural like the one shown (instructions are included with each stencil) and add just a touch of calmness and relaxation to your life. The mural, as shown measures approximately 4 feet by 5 feet. Features of Under the Sea Stencils: Laser Cut on reusable, see-through 7 mil Stencil Matte™ Triangle register marks for easy overlay and repeat position alignment Color separated stencil sheets Simple instructions for the stencil and the mural are included in each package.View indivdual stencils in the Under the Sea Mural>
Floral Punched Tin Wall and Floor Stencil

Floral Punched Tin Home Decorating Wall and Floor StencilYou can use this large-format stencil design to paint all over your wall, Floor, or ceiling. Quickly and easily create a faux punched tin design in minutes for a fraction of the cost of real punched tin!
Try Me Greeting Card Stencil Kit

Try Me Greeting Card Stencil KitContains:1 J-865 Zebra 5 x 7 Stencil1 J-866 Be Well (Gerbera Daisy) 5 x 7 Stencil1 J-856 Apples 5 x 7 Stencil1 GC-3 Martini Invitation 5 x 7 Stencil1 GC-5 Labrador Retreiver 5 x 7 Stencil8 Spill Proof™ stencil paint colors: SP-2 Barn RedSP-6 Salem GreenSP-9 Colonial GoldeSP-11 Bright RedSP-16 BlackSP-36 Rich RedSP-51 Kelly GreenSP100 Metallic Silver2 double-ended stencil brush (T168 & T124)GC-ENV 10 Blank Greeting Cards with Envelopes
Christmas Scrapbooking Sculpture Stencil

Christmas Scrapbooking Sculpture StencilContains: 1 - 5"" x 7"" Stencil Sheet(Don't forget your Repositional Stencil Adhesive Spray.) Complete Kit Contains: 1 Scrapbooking Sculpture Stencil 1 8 oz. jar Raised Stencil Paste (#RSP01) 1 3-pack set of Putty knives 1-1/2"",3"" and 6"" (#3PK) 1 Can of Repositionable Stencil Spray Adhesive (#RSAS1)
Stone Arch Patio Wall, Floor, and Patio Stencil

Stone Arch Patio Home Decorating Wall, Floor, and Patio StencilYou can use this large-format stencil design to paint all over your wall, Floor, or Patio. Quickly and easily create a faux stone in minutes for a fraction of the cost of real stone! Contains: 1 - 20"" x 20"" Stencil SheetActual size: 13.99” high x 18.82” wideClick here for a demo tour on our Wallpaper & Floor
Morning Glory Companion

Morning Glory CompanionGarden Delight Mural StencilContains: 3 - 9"" x 18"" Stencil SheetsActual size: 6 1/2"" wide x 16"" high (16.51 cm x 40.64 cm)Fence not includedThis stencil may be used alone or in combination with other Garden Delight Stencils. Click here to view the Garden Delight Mural(Don't forget your Repositionable Spray Adhesive)This design was painted using the following Spill Proof™ stencil paint colors: SP-13 EvergreenSP-21 Golden yellowSP-43 LilacSP-47 Periwinkle Blue Complete kit comes with stencils, paints, and 1 T1-68 double ended stencil brush
3 inch Sign Language Alphabet Stencil

Sign Language Alphabet Home Decor StencilContains: 4 - 9"" x 18"" Stencil SheetsActual Size: Each Sign/Letter is approximately 3"" high (7.62 cm) This durable-reusable (7 mil thick) stencil is ideal for schools, institutions, learning centers and more! It can be used with any type of paint, chalk, pencil or color medium. The stencil is laser cut for ease of use
Rustic Alphabet

Rustic Alphabet Stencils - includes uppercase and lowercase A-Z, numbers and punctuation.Comes with 70 individual sheets of durable, reusable plastic.Now you can choose from the following material thicknesses: 7.5 mil = 0.0075 inches (0.19 mm)10 mil = 0.010 inches (0.25 mm)14 mil = 0.014 inches (0.36 mm)60 mil = 0.060 inches or (1.54 mm) (anything cut on 60 mil is non-returnable)Click here for more material informationFor outdoor applications and letter/number heights over 10 inches, we suggest using 10 mil or thicker material. Choose from 1"" - 48” sizes
Bricks Sculpture Stencil

NEW SCULPTURE STENCILS!Bricks Sculpture StencilsContains: 1 - 11"" x 17"", 14 mil sheetsActual Size of Bricks: 2.1” Wide x 7” High (5.4 cm x 17.8 cm)Click here for detailed instructions on Sculpture Stencils™ Complete Kit Contains: 1 Sculpture Stencil 1 8 oz. jar Raised Stencil Paste (#RSP01) 1 8 oz. jar Raised Stencil Crackle Paste (#RSCP02) 1 3-pack set of Putty knives 1.5"",3"" and 6"" (#3PK) 1 Can of Repositionable Stencil Spray Adhesive

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Better Tool to Make Grommet Holes - Tool Grommet Kit

The genius behind a nicely set grommet starts with a nice set of tools. The Making Memories six piece tool tin contains a hole punch and setter for both large and small grommets, a double-sided base used for setting and a self-healing mat. Plus 12 colorful, decorative grommets to us as page accents, book closers, borders, frames and more. Each Grommet Tool Kit includes:
One ½” hole punch
One 1” hole punch
One 1” setter
One 1 ½” setter
One self-healing mat
One storage tin
Six small grommets
Six large grommets

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bradex 100 Piece Cake Decorating Kit is a Complete Set of Tools for Embellishing Your Cakes and Pastries

The  100 Piece Cake Decorating Kit makes cake decorating easy for non-professionals. This kit provides everything that you need to transform an ordinary cake into something that looks like it came from a pastry chef’s kitchen. The set includes different types of nozzles that will allow you to make cakes a true work of art. With the accompanying stencils, knives and tips, you can get creative with your icings and make your cakes one-of-a-kind.

It is so easy to make cakes appealing to the eyes as they are to the stomach with the  100 Piece Cake Decorating Kit. Fill one of the included disposable bags with an icing of your choice. Put the nozzle and the desired tip. Squeeze and decorate your cake according to your preferred design. Use the profile icing knives and stencils to make your cakes look more appetizing

The package includes:
3-Profile Icing Knife
Petal Tip
Ribbon Basket Tip
Round Tip

Star Tip
Leaf Tip
Flower Tip
Grass Hair Tip
Universal Coupler
Multi-dimensional Applicator
Bag Retainer Ring
Letter Stencils
Letter Holder
"C" Stencil
Heart Stencil
Fleur´de lis Stencil
Vine/Swag Stencil
Wooden Flower Nail
15 Icing Bags
Instruction Book
Storage Box

Monday, December 8, 2008

Future Foodie Play Kitchen Set

Future Foodie Play Kitchen Set
Ages 3 and Up
Your little ones can whip up one imaginary meal after another with our Future Foodie Play Kitchen Set.

Vintage Kitchen Set

This KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Set is the perfect birthday gift for your little one. It is made of wood, which ensures strength and durability. It has a hand-painted finish, which looks visually appealing. It features a cabinet, shelf, and five hinged doors, which open and closes for realistic play. 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Making Cookies Try Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share

The perfect cookie for every occasion.
Cookies are the treat that never disappoints. Whether you’re baking for a party or a picnic, a formal dinner or a family supper–or if you simply want something on hand for snacking–there is a cookie that’s just right.
In Martha Stewart’s Cookies, the editors of Martha Stewart Living give you 175 recipes and variations that showcase all kinds of flavors and fancies.
Besides perennial pleasers like traditional chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, there are other sweet surprises, including Rum Raisin Shortbread, Peppermint Meringue Sandwiches with Chocolate Filling, and Lime Meltaways. Cleverly organized by texture, the recipes in Martha Stewart’s Cookies inspire you to think of a classic, nostalgic treat with more nuance. Chapters include all types of treasures: Light and Delicate (Cherry Tuiles, Hazelnut Cookies, Chocolate Meringues); Rich and Dense (Key Lime Bars, Chocolate Mint Sandwiches, Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies); Chunky and Nutty (Magic Blondies, Turtle Brownies, White Chocolate-Chunk Cookies); Soft and Chewy (Snickerdoodles, Fig Bars, Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies); Crisp and Crunchy (ANZAC Biscuits, Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti, Almond Spice Wafers); Crumbly and Sandy (Cappuccino-Chocolate Bites, Maple-Pecan Shortbread, Lemon-Apricot Sandwiches); and Cakey and Tender (Lemon Madeleines, Carrot Cake Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies with Brown-Butter Icing).
Each tantalizing recipe is accompanied by a lush, full-color photograph, so you never have to wonder how the cookie will look. Beautifully designed and a joy to read, Martha Stewart’s Cookies is rich with helpful tips and techniques for baking, decorating, and storing, as well as lovely gift-packaging ideas in standout Martha Stewart style.
Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share (Martha Stewart Living Magazine)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bathroom Window Privacy with Wallpaper for Windows

You CAN Love your Glass Doors. Over a dozen ways to transform your glass door into a decorative focal point. Includes ways to improve privacy or obscure an undesirable view. Easy to do and very affordable.

In model home master bathrooms, vast windows over whirlpool tubs seem elegant and relaxing. In reality, they quickly pose a privacy problem.

Kathy Sullivan encountered that situation in her Utah home, which included a 6-by-4-foot bathroom window that faced traffic. If she installed blinds, she’d lose the beauty of the natural light streaming into the room. She looked into frosting the glass, but the $300 to $400 price tag put her off.
Instead, she found a beautiful, effective solution for a fof the cost in Wallpaper for Windows.
“It’s wonderful stuff,” Sullivan said of the product, which she has installed on several windows in her home, including the large bathroom window. She’s fielding plenty of compliments from people who visit to see her new home and ask where she got the beautiful windows.

Wallpaper for Windows adds a decorative accent to any row while obscuring visibility through windows that might face a busy street, or an undesirable view.

Record and Cherish Your Creative Thoughts with These Beautiful Leather Journals

The Genuine Leather Journal. This journal recalls simpler times, when events were captured on paper for posterity. This classic harness hide leather jacket encases a rich journal of 160 pages of cream gilt-edge paper. It also provides a place for a business card or identification on the inside cover, a pen loop and a leather place mark. Perfect for all the writers and dreamers in your life! 

Bonded Leather Journal

We R Memory Keepers - Missionary Journal - Classic Leather Journal - Black

Genuine Leather Writing Journal Color: Black

Italian Map Paper and Leather Journal

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