Monday, October 26, 2015

Easy Pair of Snowman Earrings to Make for Christmas or Winter Celebrations

Jewelry Design Snowman Earrings Made Using Czech Glass Druk Beads, Celestial Crystal® Beads and Apoxie® Sculptand Beads
Snowman earrings can easily be made by experienced or beginner jewelry makers.  The designs calls for specific beads but you can easily use your own bead cubes, white round opaque beads, ear wires, headpins, and pliers to create these little snowmen.  The unique designs makes this pattern work up quickly and of course you can easily modify the pattern using your own colors and styles.  

Jewelry Design Project Pattern Christmas Tree Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beadsand Beads

Jewelry Design Patterns and Projects Snowman Earrings with Czech Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystal Beadsand Beads

Jewelry Design Christmas Tree Earrings with Swarovski® Crystalsand Beads

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"Steampunk" style is making waves, influencing jewelry designers, artists, crafters and clothing designers alike. It carries an inventive, time-merged feel, merging science fiction with the Victorian look, complete with antique technology and steam-powered inventions that sprang to life during the late 19th century. Within this style, special emphasis is placed on repurposing lost treasures and incorporating mechanical materials with imaginary functionality into designs. This waste-not-want-not philosophy is embraced by many because it runs contrary to the disposable culture we live in today.
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