Monday, April 13, 2015

Learn How to Make Crochet Soles for Slippers and Shoe Patterns

Learn to Make Cord Soles

Now you can easily make crochet soles for slippers in any foot shape or size.  Using materials such as twine, rope, or cord will make these cord soles durable and easy to use.  There are tutorials and templates for several foot sizes along with photos and more.  Plus best of all the pattern can be downloaded to get started using right way.  Use with several different crochet slipper patterns including the ones listed below.  

Learn to Make Crochet Soles

With this tutorial you can easily crochet soles for slippers. The pattern calls for crocheting using triple strands of  sport weight yarn or you can use twine or heavy weight yarn to make it more durable and can be crocheted in sizes small through extra large including kids sizes.   The soles can be attached to several different slipper styles including the ones listed below.  

Women's House Slippers Free Crocheting Pattern

Two Tone Ballet Slippers Free Crocheting Pattern

Crochet Mary Jane Slippers Free Crocheting Pattern
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