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Free Crochet Animal Patterns

Free Crochet Baby Cow Pattern
Free Crochet Baby Cow Pattern

Crochet animals are just plain fun to make and give as gifts. There are so many free crochet patterns for animals and stuffed toys. Plus they come in several shapes and sizes for crocheting fun.
Crochet a stuffed toy for a child, a baby shower, a gift for a friend or to add to your own collection. The following free crochet pattern links are great for craft fairs, holidays and gift ideas for family.
Little Crochet GiraffeCrochet a Giraffe – Using a soft yarn this 8” zoo animal can be made in colors of yellow or brown or crochet in fun colors to match a child’s bedroom.
Little Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Little Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet a Grey Elephant – A fun elephant to crochet a small pattern for elephant fans.

Zebra Toy – A stuffed toy to crochet using double knitting yarn in black and white.
Little Hippos – Small hippos to crochet a very cute but small animal pattern worked in two pieces. The hippos are only 3 inches tall so make a bunch of them.
Hungry Hippo – A colorful hippo to crochet as a toy.
Sheep ToySheep Toy – Use Caron Simply Soft yarn to make this adorable 9-1/2” sheep toy.
Crochet a Baby Bee – This Red Heart pattern is for a 6” baby bee.
Basic Bird – A basic and simple bird allows you to crochet a whole flock up quick and easily.

Free Kittens to Crochet

Kathy Kitty – A colorful cat to crochet – exact gauge is not required for this pattern.
Crochet Toads – A PDF pattern link to crochet a fun pair of toads.
Crocheted Chickens – Add these chicks to your favorite farm pattern. There is a link for a PDF pattern so crocheter’s can easily print the pattern.
Wiener Dog – An easy dog crochet pattern using Vanna’s yarn and a little skill.
Toys and Animals – A bunch of free animal and toy crochet patterns on Michaels Web site.
Many animal crochet patterns are more fun to make as toys or collectibles for kids. Be sure when crocheting a pattern to use safe materials and no buttons for children under a certain age.
Three Versions of Elephant Free Crochet Pattern
Three Versions of Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Christmas Reindeer a Free Crochet Pattern
Christmas Reindeer a Free Crochet Pattern

Best Crochet Animals, Toys & Dolls - Electronic Download Best Crochet Animals, Toys & Dolls - Electronic Download
SPECIAL ISSUE: Instantly download these 50+ fun, creative crochet projects to delights kids of all ages! Sections include: Animal Friends, which showcases an adorable assortment of creatures from a monkey, bear and dragon to a snail, snake and lamb; Toys & Games, which includes entertaining projects both large and small for travel, home and outdoors; and Delightful Dolls, which features cuddly all-crocheted dolls as well as darling crochet outfits for 18-inch and 5-inch purchased dolls. Download this must-have issue now and let the fun begin! Watch the short video below to learn more about concealed color change, a technique used in the Jake the Snake project featured in Best Crochet Animals, Toys & Dolls.

Farm Animals Farm Animals
Adorable toys for kids of all ages! These country critters make cute collectibles or playtime pals for kids and adults alike! Crochet all 6 of these precious patterns with worsted-weight yarn plus some beads for the eyes to make something adorably life-like. Crochet a mouse, horse, cow, pig, sheep or chicken -- or just whip up a whole barnyard by creating each one!

Into the Jungle Crochet Pattern - Electronic Download Into the Jungle Crochet Pattern - Electronic Download
Stitch these adorable jungle animals for your child.These ring-shaped animals cleverly fit in graduated sizes on a cone-shaped jungle tree. Each one can be removed from the tree to toss or play with. All designs are made using medium-weight yarn.

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