Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rainbow rubber loom rainbow bands instructions and project ideas

Using colorful Rainbow fashion loom bands in assorted colors has become a fun craft for kids and adults to do using the rainbow loom or just a crochet hook.
There are many tutorials available to show you how to use the rainbow loom to make great jewelry items or you can just your hands or a crochet hook to create fun and colorful jewelry. Kids love this craft idea and both boys and girls enjoy making this type of colorful jewelry.
The Rainbow Loom is a plastic loom that comes with templates, instructions, C clips, and latex rubber bands that come in a variety of colors. The loom comes with enough bands to make up to 24 bracelets that kids love to exchange with friends.
Cra-Z-Art Shimmer 'n Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker instructs you on how to use the colorful bands to create unique bracelets and jewelry. Add colorful beads to your projects to make your jewelry mores creative and have fun experimenting with this loom.
A loom makes a wonderful gift for a grandchild or something to keep the kids busy with this winter. Plus the bands are inexpensive to purchase we found an 1,100 piece fashion loom refill bands on Amazon discounted by 95% making them only .79 cents to order online.
Another source to find refill loom bands is on eBay there are several sellers there that sell in bulk along with offering free shipping on the items.
If you are look on how to instructions for the Rainbow Fashion loom check out the Rainbow Loom’s Web site which offers instruction tutorials on how to use the loom plus great ideas on what to make using the loom.
YouTube also has several videos available on making new items using the loom or using just the bands with your hands or a crochet hook. Here are a few of the free projects we found.
Stretch Band Bracelet Loop Projects – Use this guide to make a bracelet using your fingers or a crochet hook. Be sure to follow the link to the tutorial page…
Rainbow Loom Patterns to download – These are free PDF patterns that you can view and print.
Make Rubber loom bracelets with a rainbow loom – This one shows the kids how to get started using the loom. For both boys and girls..
Rainbow Loom Twistz Bandz are availble in a variety of over 25 unique and fun colors! They provide lots favorite colors like blue, pink, purple, lime green, and even have Glow In The Dark, just to name a few. Enjoy creating fun and different colors with different meaning. Watch the video for more instructions on how to make creative items and use the Rainbow Loom.
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