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Arm Knitting Fast and Easy Free patterns and tutorials

Arm knitting fast and easy patterns and tutorials
As a child I remember trying to knit or crochet using my fingers and a ball of old yarn. This technique has been brought to life again with the popular trend of arm knitting.
Arm knitting has been all over the Pinterest boards and several knitters are creating cowls, scarves and even afghans using this method. With arm knitting you get the look of knitting without using knitting needles.
Teenagers and kids will enjoy learning how to arm knit and will have fun creating their own blankets and scarves with these techniques.
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Learn to Arm Knit
Most arm knitting projects are made fairly quickly since you cast on the stitches using your arms. A bulky or chunky yarn is an easy way to make a quick scarf or infinity scarf or cowl. There are lots of patterns available including ones that can have you knitting a scarf in 5 to 30 minutes depending on the yarn.
When arm knitting typically only one skein of yarn is used along with a pair of arms to cast on the stitches, this makes a great project while traveling.

Arm knitting is fast and fun to make and there are lots of YouTube videos on how to make things using your arms and yarn. Here are a few of the free patterns we have found.
I saw it on Leisure Arts, Inc.

Learn to Arm Knit for Kids Kit

Arm Knitting Book Arm Knitting Book
Join the new craze that's sweeping the knitting world!Arm knitting is the next big thing for knitters to enjoy, and with this book, you'll be able to make a gorgeous infinity scarf in just 30 minutes, plus many more great projects! Knitting expert Mary Beth Temple will show you how to master basic arm knitting techniques, with clear instructions and step-by-step color photos. The book also offers 15 original projects that are arranged by the level of difficulty so you can work your way up to the harder stuff.

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