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Large and Small Storage Boxes are the Perfect Sturdy Storage Solution

Stylish, fabric-covered wood storage boxes are the perfect solution for organizing and safely storing loose dies. These handy boxes have a flowered nameplate on the front for easy labeling and are easily embellished for a truly customized look.
Storage Boxes were specifically designed to keep ten large Originals 

Anna Griffin - Grace Black Collection - Nesting Boxes - Set of Two

Pioneer - Photo Video Box - Bright Red

Kuretake - ZIG - Memory System - Assorted Pen Storage Box

Becky Higgins - Project Life - Heidi Swapp Collection - Photo Box - Large - 4 x 6 - Favorite

Best Craft Organizer - Wall Box Storage System - Single Box

Fabric Storage Box

Decorative Storage Fabric Bins

Storage Box

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Crochet Knee High Socks Pattern inspired by Fair Isle Scandinavian Knitting Patterns

Crochet socks inspired by Scandinavian knit patterns known as Fair Isle!

 Crochet Knee High Socks Pattern Scandinavian knit look Crochet a pair of socks that look like they were knitted! This Scandinavian knit look Crochet pattern for a pair of socks that are also known as the Fair Isle pattern is crocheted using a bulky-weight yarn.

These socks will keep your legs and feet nice and warm and can be made in your favorite yarn colors!

 Crochet a pair of socks with a Fair Isle Scandinavian look and feel to them

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Crochet a pair of these cute socks using a bulky-weight yarn. You can achieve the colored knit look stitches on the leg by doing an extended single crochet. How you can crochet the remaining sock is very easy by just doing simple double crochets that are worked in the round. The crochet sock is worked in 1 piece, so that the design works up quickly.
You can download or view the printed pattern that includes written instructions, symbol crochet and step photos. A tutorial for the extended single crochet is also included. 
Size: S 2-4 (M 5-6, L 7-8, XL 9-10).

Lillehammer Knee High Socks

 Lillehammer Knee High Crochet Socks Pattern

Technique: Crochet
Skill Level: Intermediate

Check out these Crochet Socks

Laced Knee-High Socks Crochet Pattern

These socks are worked with double crochet post stitches that turn a light #1 sock-weight yarn into chunky, soft, stretchy and warm socks! This sock design is based on wide legs that will adjust with front laces. Made using a #3 DK-weight yarn, instructions are written for sizes S 2-4 (M 5-6, L 7-8, XL 9-10).

Make Fun Crochet Socks

I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks

Teaches how to make comfortable, attractive socks for the family. Karen tells how to pick the right yarn, measure for a proper fit, and make two types of heels. The 9 patterns are sized for ankle circumferences from 5.5" to 13" and explain how to adjust the length of the foot and leg sections.

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Men's Crochet Socks Free Pattern Download

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fun and Easy Summer Crochet Patterns

Crochet Summer Patterns 

What to crochet for the Summer and Warmer weather?

Most of us know what to crochet in the wintertime but what about the summer? There are lots of fun and interesting crochet patterns to make using lightweight or cotton yarn during the warmer weather. Here are a few interesting patterns that you might enjoy making.

 Coral Reef Crochet Pattern Set

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Summer Crochet Ideas and Projects

Crochet projects for the summer can be made using 100% cotton yarn or even worsted weight yarn.  Be sure if you are making outdoor items they can be easily washed. 
Crochet projects such as the Coral Reef Set Crochet Pattern shown above features items to crochet that you can take to the beach such as crochet flip flops, a sun hat and a beach bag. There are many other projects that you can make on the go including lightweight sweaters, beach cover-ups, shawls, baskets, baby blankets, dishcloths, bath items and more that you can easily crochet.

Plus crocheting a lightweight item during the summer months prevents you from keeping a heavy project such as a blanket on your lap and making it too warm to crochet.
You can find lots of spring and summer crochet patterns like the ones shown above in the crochet collection patterns found here.

Be sure to check out the Crochet Summer Magazine with several new patterns to Create!

Crochet! Summer 2018 Crochet summer patterns

Free Crochet Projects for Summer

Here are a few of our favorite Free Crochet Patterns for Summer
Summer Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Summer Striped Top Free Crochet Pattern for Summer

Summer in Devonshire Throw Free Crochet Pattern

Summer Night Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

Simple Summer Tee Free Crochet Pattern

More Crochet Summer Patterns
Crochet a few items for the summer months such as a lightweight cotton accessory to wear around your neck or even as a belt.  The above pattern was crocheted with crochet cotton and we tied knots in the end but you can easily crochet it without the knotted ends. 
Size is approximately 42" with knots and 50" without the knots.
Basic Pattern:
Chain 12 - Turn
Double Crochet in each stitch across and turn
DC until you reach your desired length. Finish off and add knots if you wish.
This makes a lightweight and fun accessory item...
There are loads of fun and easy crochet patterns to make for summer including crochet shawls, crochet jewelry, crochet flip-flips, crochet handbags and totes, crochet pillows, crochet dishcloths and table runners, kitchen items, toys and home decor and much more. Check out a few crochet ideas below....

Flip Flops are easy to crochet.  Use any worsted weight, cotton or even a fuzzy or furry yarn to crochet around an inexpensive pair of flip flops.  You can find flips flops at the dollar store or better yet Walmart sells them for .98 cents a pair (order them online and pick up in store).  You can easily use left over yarn to crochet fun and colorful flip flops for the summer. 
Here are some Flip Flop Patterns
 24 fun to crochet flip-flop patterns  
Fantastic Flip Flops  

Crochet Flip Flop Tops eBook

Pop of Comfort free pillow Crochet pattern

  Pillows are a fun and easy item to crochet and update your home decor with Get the FREE Pop of Comfort Crochet Pillow Pattern

Cascading Stylish Crochet Shawl - Crochet Pattern

Solaris Lace Crochet Shawl - Crochet Pattern

Summer Color Yarn

Antistrophe by Miriam Felton Crochet Shawl Kit

How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs Dyeing Easter Egg Crafts

Ombre Eggs
We found this wonderful selection of easy to color Easter eggs on the PAAS Web site
All you need are some
Hard Boiled Eggs.
Once your eggs have cooled off , create one cup of each color that you would like to use.
PAAS Suggest using their Egg dyeing kit .
Next, place your egg in the color bath and let it sit.  The longer it sits the darker the color will be.
As you go along you slowly pour water into color baths, stopping at each level to get the ombre look. 
Continue until eggs are completely covered.
Remove eggs and let them dry in a drying tray.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Crochet Patterns that Express your Creativity while supporting Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients

Crochet Fiddle Mats, Muffs and Cuffs for Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients

If you are looking for a way to express your creativity and volunteer your crochet talents making these Crochet Fiddle Mats, Muffs and Cuffs for Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients is one way to give back. These patterns are filled with great for caregivers and their patients make a few for you to donate to nursing homes, friends and families.

 Crochet Fiddle Mats, Muffs and Cuffs for Dementia and Alzheimer's patients
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What is a Fiddle Mat, Muff or Cuff?

The purpose of a fiddle mat, muff or cuff is a design featuring lots of different items for a patient to use with their hands. Because a wide range of dementia and Alzheimer's patients have a tendency to move their hands and fingers back and forth on their lap a mat or cuff provides them with something to do with their hands and fingers.

The crochet patterns provided in Crochet Fiddle Mats, Muffs and Cuffs provide designs with beads, bobbles and textures, that many patients will find reassuring and comforting. Because each design is made using different types of yarns and crochet textures.

The patterns in Crochet Fiddle Mats provide each design as shown or you can add your own embellishments to the patterns to make a different project each time or to design for the person that you are giving it to.

Using the bright yarns, different textures in yarns, and adding a selection of different objects on your crocheted mat will provide a patient with hours of relaxation and comfort.

Once you have crocheted one and find that the patient enjoys the mat you can easily crochet more and be given the opportunity to make more and contribute them to others.

Crochet Patterns for 
  • Fiddle Mats
  • Muffs to Fiddle with
  • Cuffs to Fiddle with
Mix and Match Projects to help calm the agitation and anxiety of Alzheimer's and dementia patients.  How to Order...

 Crochet Fiddle Mats, Muffs and Cuffs for Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients

 Crochet Patterns for Fiddle Mats, Crochet Fiddle Muffs, and Crochet Fiddle Cuffs

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