Monday, August 22, 2016

The 2017 Crochet Calendar Features Projects to Finish in a Weekend

 Crochet 2017 Calendar Crochet projects in a Weekend
In addition to this calendar including days of the week, months and special holidays it also includes 12 exciting crochet projects that you can easily make in a weekend!   Slouch boots, pretty edgings, baskets, dishcloth, doily, beanies, jewelry, baby items and more are included. A great gift for a crochet friend!  Take a look at a few of the crochet patterns below found in the calendar!

 Crochet a Shawl or a Scarf pattern in weekend easy crochet patterns Easy to Crochet Beanie pattern to crochet in a weekend
 Floral Crochet Towel topper holder pattern Crochet edges for baby items patterns Crochet fashion scarf pattern easy crochet weekend patterns Necklace to crochet - crochet jewelry patterns Crochet bracelet pattern jewelry to crochet Crochet dishcloth pattern easy weekend crochet patterns Simple and elegant crochet doily pattern Crochet pattern bowels make great gift ideas for crochet Crochet an easy and elegant afghan pattern Crochet a pair of slipper boots great crochet gift ideas Crochet a hooded scarf with pockets pattern

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Crochet 2017 Desk Calendar filled with over 100 crochet patterns

New Knitting Patterns in the 2017 Creative Knitting Calendar

 Creative Knitting Patterns Calendar for 2017 with all new patterns to knit
This new calendar is filled with 12 Stitch Block Knitting patterns for any skill level. Lots of fun colorful patterns to download and start knitting right away.  Great for those quick projects or knitting a few gifts.
 Fun and elegant knitting patterns for dishcloths Calendar Loads of knitting patterns for dishcloths calendar Knitting patterns for dishcloths and towels  Bright and colorful dishcloth knitting patterns  Making dishcloths for gifts knitting patterns Dishcloth knitting patterns creative knitting patterns Knitting patterns for dishcloths Knitting patterns for bright and bold dishcloths Different and creative knitting patterns for 2017 Knitting different stitches of dishcloth patterns Knitting dishcloths for gifts calendar Beautiful and unique dishcloths to knit
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Get Creative with the 2017 Color Me Happy Wall Calendar Coloring Designs

Color Me Happy 2017 Wall CalendarColor Me Happy 2017 Wall CalendarPart calendar, part coloring book - ALL FUN. Add a little color to your life! Get creative and express yourself all over these pages in Color Me Happy 2017 Wall Calendar! Printed on matte paper, all calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper with environmentally safe inks.

Color me happy, color me there: features 12 unique designs
Front page features 4 months at a glance (September-December 2016)
Ample space for notes, important dates, and contacts
Printed on matte paper

Color Me Happy 2017 Desk Calendar

Leisure Arts Colored Pencils
Coloring With Valentina 2017 Wall Calendar
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Chalkboard Peel & Stick 2017 Wall Calendar

Monday, August 15, 2016

Crochet an Elephant Pattern My Journey to Finding the Right Crochet Pattern

This Was my first attempt at crocheting an elephant it wasn't pretty so I started over.
Sometimes free crochet patterns are great and sometimes they don't work at too well. For instance I am an experienced crocheted and tried using the vintage Elephant Crochet pattern. I believe I was lost because the pattern started at the front leg unlike Amigurumi crochet toy patterns that work in the round and have individual pieces sewn together. 
I am trying to crochet an actual elephant that isn't like a stuffed bear but that actually stands on four feet. 

Here is my current attempt at crocheting an elephant it's going much better.  
This pattern is much easier but again working with a free pattern I think there are some errors in the pattern and I am modifying it a bit. I am using Caron Grey One Pound Yarn  which works really well for crochet animals especially when adding the stuffing. 
Right now I am working on the elephant legs and tail.  I have yet to decide it I will be crocheting a pair of tusks for the elephant.  I guess once his eyes are on I can see how he looks.  
Elephant Crochet Patterns
12 Crochet Elephant Patterns  - This will provide you with a variety of crochet patterns of elephants to choose from depending on what size and style you are looking for.  Some of them are free, plus there is a free guide called The Foolproof Guide to Adorable Amigurumi to download that is extremely helpful when making crochet animals.
The Foolproof Guide to Adorable Amigurumi
In my attempt to find the perfect elephant and animals to crochet I will also be purchasing the following crochet books to help me out in the future. I find that sometimes the purchased patterns have less errors and better guides than some of the free patterns.  It all depends on how well written the pattern is.

This is great book because in addition to the adorable crochet elephant pattern there is an entire zoo filled with animals in the eBook.  The patterns include Monkey, Brown Bear, Hippo, Tiger, Rhino, Giraffe, Polar Bear, Zebra, Elephant, Alligator, and Lion.

Cute Little Animals crochet patterns
If you are going for more of a character look in your elephant you might want to consider getting the Cute Little Animals Crochet Book. It features Millicent Rose is a 'libearian' by day and a bingo fanatic by night. Archibald Hiram wears his striped PJs whenever he's not at work as a financial advisor. Rumored peanut shortages keep Wesley the blue elephant from joining the circus. Then there is Lourdes, a preppie purple hippo. Roscoe (Newgate) Kidd is a pirate panda who escaped from the zoo long ago. Scooter Pup is a likeable little fellow whose teeth get him in trouble. From the paranormal files we have Nestor Lochland, A.K.A the Loch Ness monster. Never ones to wait for mischief, Chaos A. Cat and his baby sis, Calamity, are always on the lookout for adventure.

Cute Critters to Crochet eBook
This classic book features animals made with a hosiery egg but I would use stuffing instead because they don't make the eggs anymore unless you use the plastic Easter eggs. 

 Cuddle Buddies Animals to Crochet for a Nursery or Baby Room
8 Fun animals to crochet for a nursery or babies room including a frog, pig, elephant, cow, monkey, bear, bunny and a duck.

 Crochet a boy or girl elephant pattern
This is a fun crochet toy for a baby girl or baby boy that you may want to crochet.
The pair makes a cute gift for a little one and it's a great crochet pattern featuring 9-1/2" x 10" elephants to crochet using worsted weight yarn. 

Animal Amigurumi Crochet

Huggable Crochet

DIY Baby Projects
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